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What You Must Do To Rank Well For Your Inner Web Pages
 Anchor text is the single mostimportant factor for ranking well in the search engines. Not only must you get links containingyour main keyword(s) in the anchor text, from other websites, but you should also link to other
webpages within your own website, using your main keyword(s) in the anchor text.

Friday, 15 July 2011


Don't try this things it may cause your website banned
  1. Hidden text   :   Hidden text is a simple text written that is not seen by user when they visit your webpage some webdesigner uses these kind of technique to put keywords on whole page to increase their position on Search Engine. For Eg: Your webpage is of white background and keyword text is also written in white color so it is not visible but crawler of search engine can view that and it give information to search engine and the position of website increased.
  2. Image tag spamming  :  These  is another way to fool the people. It is done putting keyword on the alt tag by keeping lot of keywords there position. Visitors doesn't see but search engine software can view and these help to increase rank of the website. 
  3. Meta Tag stuffing   :   What I'm referring to here is when people throw in thousands of the same exact keyword into their meta tags.
    For example, the following website is trying to rank well for "tents".
    <META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="adf, ADF, Adf, adf adf adf supplies,
    adf, adf adf, adf, adf,adf, ADF, Adf, adf adf adf supplies,
    adf, adf adf, adf, adf, adf, ADF, Adf, adf adf adf supplies,
    adf, adf adf, adf, adf, ">
    This is obviously ridiculous. Google doesn't use Meta Tags when ranking websites. Google
    WILL penalize it, but it WILL NOT help you... so, why would anyone do something like this?
    Stay away from it.
  4. Title Tag Stuffing  :  The title which we write in our website in title tag many times keyword are written. Pls don't do these It can banned your website .Always use only one time keyword in Title tag not more than one.

Thursday, 14 July 2011


You should submit your data manually to search engine.
     Never use some automatic software it ill cause your site can be banned or you ill be penalized for it.
 So it is my hardly request not use any kind of automatic submission software.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Limit use of Flash
            The flash is very good looking and very interacting for your website.But it is my recommendation that you minimize the use of flash.Because search engine is not capable to crawl the flash images. Google had said that they are working with adobe to make web crawler more efficient that they can crawl through flash images. But for today i can say you to use less flash in your website.
     These is my todays tip for you.
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Tuesday, 12 July 2011


The Website should be SEO friendly. We have done all keyword research and keyword are use by the people to find out your Product and Services. It is the best time to build your website with good keyword to place your website at top of the search engine.

Always Plan grouping of your keyword
                               Grouping of keyword should be done for every webpage.You target different keyword for different page of the website. Most of them use same header to all the pages.Please do not commit these.
After deciding which keyword is suitable for which page. To reflect competitive keyword for that page.
         Thank You
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Saturday, 9 July 2011

SEO Tips

Redesign your website once or twice a year
           It is my recommendation to you that always redesign your website once or twice a year . You will be thinking why ? Because when you design your website sometime you miss some link or some link is broken.If you redesign you will get which is broken link and it can be rectify and your website can be at good position in search engine. If the link is broken the crawler will not find the page when it will travel through unbroken link.It will cause your rank in search engine.

So i think this will help you .

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Friday, 8 July 2011

SEO Tips

The next SEO tips is the KEYWORD RESEARCH 
You should always look for good keyword for your website
The Keyword which you are using just check it out how many visitors are surfing for the particular Keyword.
You should always be conscious about selecting a keyword wrong keyword can cause less visitor to your website. Less visitor can cause your earning
Google adwords suggestion tool

When you will visit you can check your best keyword for your website
              These is Tip of the day
 I think these will help you to found best Keyword for your website

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Todays SEO tips

1.Before starting SEO for your website you must be aware about your target audience.
                If your selling some products or services you should know who will be benefit from your products or services.You should clearly mention the total description about your products(services) that search engine can easily found your product and it can show to the customer and customer can easily find your product.You mention the cost properly in budget with some discount.User are very keen of the discount.
        Thank You
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What is SEO?

1.SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation
2.SEO is used to bring your blog at the top of the search Engine
3.Due to SEO you can generate lots of traffic to your website or blog
4.It is total legal and it is accepted by all search engine.
5.As there are millions of website in the future the work of seo is very important.

So that's why i have started a blog to provide a SEO tricks to you so that it  can help you to get the highest ranking in the search engine.
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