Monday, 15 August 2011

Best SEO Tips

The best seo tricks for today is
All these one is a good networking sites to chat with your friends professionally or personally.
But all these one is having a best promotion tips.You can just do advertisement to your friend they will send to there friend. It is best free advertisement method. It is totally free and it bring good traffic.
It is my recomendation that you use all these kind of stuff to promote your website.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Brst SEO Tips

Search engine friendly design SEO it from the ground up
                                 The design of your website should be seo friendly. Because if your website is not a seo friendly then it is very hard to do seo after wards. Some basic things should be avoided while designing. As i mention in my previous blog I will remind you again.
1.Minimise use of the flash : As you will use the flash then it is difficult for the Crawler of the search engine to detect.

2.Minimise use of Frame : Instead of frame use css IT is nice looking and easy for search engine.

3. Less use of javascript.
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